We now offer Email Service for Inmates on the Inmates Not Receiving Mail (NRM) List

It is our goal for all inmates listed on LostVault to find at least one pen pal. Currently there are many inmates listed on the Inmates Not Receiving Mail List and we are not happy with the growing number of men and women who have no one writing them. In an effort to find these inmates with no mail new friends, we have implemented a "email your first letter free" program. Please read below for the full program rules. This text is also on the bottom of all NRM ads.

If you would like to email your first letter to this inmate listed on our Not Receiving Mail (NRM) list, please send an email to nrm@lostvault.com. Please do not attempt to use this email service for an ad in our regular listings, as we cannot offer this service to all inmates.

Please put the inmate's full name and DOC# on the subject of your email, as this makes it easier for us to obtain their contact information. A link to the ad in your message is not necessary, but greatly helps us in case of misspellings or numerical errors. Make sure you include your complete mailing address in your email so that the inmate may contact you direct. We do not offer return service for the inmate to contact you via email.

If you have questions, please contact us at the above email address. Thank you for writing a NRM inmate!

We will keep track of all inmates that receive letters via email and will follow up after a modest time period to ensure that the person or persons are still writing the inmate. If a friendship has been established, we will then remove the inmate from the NRM list to make room for others without a pen pal.

If you choose to write a NRM inmate direct and not via our email service, please let us know by emailing us at nrm@lostvault.com so that we may follow up with you and subsequently remove the inmate from the NRM list.

Thank you and happy writing!
LostVault Administrators and Staff


01/07/2009 - Note that you may include a photo of yourself with your message and we will print and mail that as well to the inmate.